TM/R design remains dedicated to providing you with inspired and eloquent design, and collaborating with the best creative talent in New York. We have broadened our field of expertise from strategy and branding to communications, packaging, interactive media and interior architecture.


TM/R design have a pronouncedly international profile. Outside of New York and California, we have already carried out successful projects in Europe and Russia. We work with businesses in fields as diverse as consumer products, high tech, new media and cultural institutions



nvidia - supergraphics







combinatorics table  ( 1 + 1 = ∞ )

virgin america  —  print materials

virgin america  —  brand  +  communications

virgin america  —  print materials

althaus tea — brand / packaging / produts

althaus tea —  packaging 

althaus tea — packaging / produts 

knoll —  exhibit design

knoll — brochure 

 knoll — factory

rambler  —  t-shirt

         virgin america  —  brand assets 

lufthansa — web guidelines 

raketa — product design 

Raketa — Watches Design  

chanel — posters 

intel — packaging 

intel — print materials  

intel — print materials  

nvidia  —  supergraphics 

cooper-hewitt design museum e-store 

american express — cc design 

kpf — new songdo city / concept development 

nvidia  — supergraphics 

nvidia — gpu brand development 

nvidia — gpu brand development 

new school — visual identity concept 

new school — visual identity concept 

ge — brand development — color palette 

nvidia — gpu conference / signage